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Jumat, 30 Oktober 2009

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Senin, 19 Oktober 2009

Kerja Keras adalah Energi Kita

Kerja Keras adalah Energi Kita (Hard Work is our Energy), motivation slogan of PT Pertamina Indonesia.

PT. Pertamina (Persero) was born in the modern era with the Company background engaged in oil and natural gas business, both inside and outside the country as well as other related business activities or supporting business activities in the field of oil and natural gas. The background is then formulated into PT. Pertamina goals to:

a. Seeking benefits under the Company's management principles in effective and efficient ways

b. Contribute to increased economic activity for welfare and prosperity of the people.

To achieve these purposes, the Company implement their business activities in:

1. Conducting business in the field of oil and natural gas along with the preparations results and their derivatives.

2. Carry on business in the geothermal field is in as its foundation, including geothermal Power Plant (PLTP), which has reached the final stages of negotiations and managed to Company owned.

3. Conducting business and marketing of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) and other products produced from the LNG plant.

4. Conducting other business activities related or supporting business activities as mentioned in number 1, 2, and 3.

In accordance with the provisions of the new Oil and Gas Act , Pertamina no longer be the only company that monopolized OIL AND GAS industries where business activities of oil and natural gas delivered to market mechanism. Pertamina must be very aware that the modernization have and continue to run today, is a pattern of humans modern life will continue without the limitation. This situation occurs naturally can not be separated from the development of science and technology which is growing extremely fast and powerful. Science has changed the life of the system, especially the Social and Economy System

PT. Pertamina as a dynamic limited corporation, in ideas not only become one of the locomotive of Economic progress in Indonesia, but also must be changed as a response to the internal needs of the Company and strategic environmental challenges. Response to internal needs will determine the attractiveness of Pertamina for the employee the company's internal mindset, while the speed and accuracy in answering challenges will determine the value of Pertamina for its customers and the Indonesian Society in general.

Changes for Pertamina, may not make it out of the noble goal set to be achieved. Kerja Keras adalah Energi Kita (Hard Work is our Energy) as Pertamina slogan philosophically and substantively can’t or may not even be reconstructed. Making Kerja Keras adalah Energi Kita (Hard Work is our Energy) as a strategic slogan of making Pertamina should not be obsolete in the history to participate in making the Economic Patterns in Indonesia, through the Oil and natural Gas Industries.

The Commitment Kerja Keras adalah Energi Kita (Hard Work is our Energy) as a Pertamina slogan is part of Pertamina's transformation started since 1994, in which Pertamina Restructuring Program has so many external constraints, and mindset among internal company can not fully accept the changes. At that time some of them worried about the Pertamina Restructuring Program will disrupt their comfort zone. But then one by one the obstacle can be solved, and Pertamina also accelerate the movement their changes through the transformation of Pertamina since 2006.

Restructuring seems to be a super-potent drug for the recovery performance of a red plates company. Similarly restructuring effort is expected from PT Pertamina, which was discussed.

Transormatif program New Pattern of Pertamina Hard Work Paradigm expected of state-owned oil industry is the transforming process into a national company in petroleum field capable aligned with international companies. Regarding the process of transformation in Pertamina, there must be a willingness to make the global class company .

For that, the public should support the efforts of stakeholders and the hard work of internal Pertamina management in order to smooth the restructuring targets. we should support the Restructuring, especially the entry of fresh new board of directors at Pertamina, so that transformation can walk faster.

To make changes is not like reverse the palm of our hand, work hard (Kerja Keras) is needed. Pertamina had to do the transformation in stages but also quick and precise. It has been three years since transformation program was issued. changes Program were held through two point, namely breakthrough projects (Breakthrough Project, BTP) and change of cultural performance. recently BTP directed to support the Company's Long Term Plan (RJPP), after the BTP 2008 RJPP was Issued and now RJPP BTP RJPP 2009 also launched. After the success of the 100 days program, Pertamina has now been continued breakthrough projects to 9 months ahead. Some success has been achieved since the rolling of Pertamina transformation program. In the upstream sector, for example, Development of Pondok tengah Field in Bekasi, West Java to produce significant oil and natural gas.

In addition Pertamina has a joint venture with a number of world class oil and gas companies such as Statoil and Singapore Petroleum Company (SPC) as an effort to increase oil production and national gas. In the field of processing, LSWR Management (Low Sulfur Waxy Residue) ex UP IV Cilacap in UP VI Balongan, has a positive impact to the efficiency of refinery operations. And, FCCU operation optimization (Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Unit) UP III Plaju by using residues from UP II Dumai. While in the Marketing and Commerce sector namely Pertamina Way. Pertamina Way is the customer service standardization at the station which includes the quality and quantity, operator attitude, equipment and facilities, appearance or physical display of Gas Stations as well as new products and services. Thus, consumers will have good service from the friendly service, quality and the amount of fuel received. Consumer guaranteed "Pasti Pas" at gas station. Another implementation of transformation is the operation of the full Automatic fuel Depot system, where the Depot is no need for operator. Filling the fuel from the Depot tank to the tank of the car is 100% operated and controlled from the control room. Hence, deviations that may occur during the filling process can be removed. The Depot in the Cikampek west Java and gradually Pertamina will operate Automatic full system to another Depot.

Other changes have been made is that Pertamina reduces critical depot by optimizing fuel supply; strengthen Lubricants business network through Oli Mart; and make a cooperation with international oil companies such as SK Corporation to make Lube Base Oil Plant in Dumai which is the production cooperation in producing standard grade lubricant for synthetic lubricating oil. While in providing services to the public, Pertamina also has opened Pertamina Contact Center through phone number (021) 79173000, SMS (021) 71113000, fax (021) 7972177, and email: pcc@pertamina.com. Meanwhile, in order to make mass communication, Pertamina also has an intensive relationship with the media.

Those Achievement are part of Pertamina Hard Working Grand Strategy to become world-class energy company through changes, both in the business systems, operations and humans resources, success of some of the transformation process will generate optimism.

As part of small community I can only wish to Transformation Program hopefully, can make a new Pertamina, Pertamina to become a model for Indonesia, a company which is The best in Indonesia and also the world.

Three-Year of Pertamina Transformation might have the proof to Pertamina changes has shown results. Not all what we want achieved in three years, but we must take into proud to see those pertamina achievement.

Inefficiency problems that occur in management Pertamina actions should be considered, because Pertamina has great actual potential savings. Indeed Pertamina performance is the responsibility of all parties. Because of the oil and gas availability has become the public interest. But the Pertamina Internal needs to think about this.

I hope All of The Board of Management, Board of Directors staff and the entire Pertamina employees clean from corruption, because public assume that Pertamina is one of the fertile land of the Corruptor. Don't let Pertamina performance, out of controlled because of many interest. State-owned Pertamina has a very large potential, even their assets also scattered everywhere.

Hopefully the Kerja Keras adalah Energi Kita (Hard Work is our Energy) make The Pertamina as a world class company can be realized.
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